BlurryPhoenix Streams: Mass Effect – Andromeda (Pt. 50)

(Originally streamed on 9/14/2019)Off to the Nexus for a bunch of misc. turn ins. Then, exploring the systems that have been unlocked and trying to find the path to the Meridian. Oh, then there’s finally the movie night that’s been teased the whole game. — Watch live at

Weekly Video Game Track: Run Run Rottytops!

Shantae games all have great music. This one from Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is probably one of the most memorable. The level itself is memorable because you have to go through the level carrying Rottytops, unable to attack. However, it gained memedom when it got combined with Terry Crews and Old Spice.

Weekly Video Game Track: Resident Evil 2 Save Theme

This track got added when the remake for Resident Evil 2 came out. One of the cool things they added was the ability to change the music to the original Resident Evil 2 music. Not only does it provide a lot of nostalgia for the original game, but it also has, arguably, better music. For … Read moreWeekly Video Game Track: Resident Evil 2 Save Theme

BlurryPhoenix Streams: Mass Effect – Andromeda (Pt. 46)

(Originally streamed on 8/31/2019)AHHHH!!! SUVI!!! After dealing with the Archon, a number of new side missions pop up. However, it’s a lot of going to meet people or briefly talking with people. It’s nice to see some different sides to my crew. — Watch live at

BlurryPhoenix Streams: Mass Effect – Andromeda (Pt. 45)

(Originally streamed on 8/31/2019)We finally head to where the Archon’s ship is. However, that’s not the only thing we find there… Our whole point is to find the Meridian. But, there’s a lot of findings that we discover in our quest to the Archon’s Quarters. — Watch live at

BlurryPhoenix Reflects: Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (GC, Wii U)Developer: Nintendo EADPublisher: Nintendo Released: March 24, 2003MSRP: $34.99 Main Channel: Fair Use:All copyrighted material used under Fair Use. If you are a copyright holder and believe your material has been used unfairly, please contact me

BlurryPhoenix Streams: Mass Effect – Andromeda (Pt. 44)

(Originally streamed on 8/31/2019)We finally find that radiated shuttle that’s been going everywhere. Ruth isn’t looking too hot though… Then, we go find the Turian Ark, not in great condition, like the others. Peebee now really likes us! She is now considered “loyal” to us. So, I’m glad that she’s going to stick around. — … Read moreBlurryPhoenix Streams: Mass Effect – Andromeda (Pt. 44)