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Weekly Video Game Track: Magus’ Theme

One of the most eerie places in Chrono Trigger is Magus’ Castle. There’s no music at the beginning. Then, throughout most of the castle, it is just one uncomfortable sounding note, that is unless you get into a fight. Which is weird that getting into a battle is...
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Weekly Video Game Track: The End of Battle

Shadow of the Colossus is still such a beautiful game.  It’s years old, but is still talked about in many people’s top games.  I have yet to play through it in its entirety, but the music that comes out of this game is beautiful as well.  This track...
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Weekly Video Game Track: Missingno Battle

After watching Witwix go through his speedrun of I Wanna be the Boshy at Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) in 2014, I loved watching gameplay of it.  Of all the music in the game, the fight with Missingno is my favorite track in the game.
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