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Weekly Video Game Track: Enraged

Another great track from Furi. This is The Strap’s track. The build up is when the Warden is telling you the story of The Strap. The whole time, it made me get more and more nervous of what’s to come.
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Weekly Video Game Track: What We Fight For

The Hand in Furi is one of the more interesting characters. In fact, he was one of a couple bosses that I actually felt bad killing. However, I really loved the fight in general. You couldn’t use your gun at all throughout it. So, it was cool to...
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Weekly Video Game Track: You’re Mine

When fighting The Burst in Furi, this track is almost distracting at how good it is! This is the first of many tracks you’re going to hear from Furi. The #1 reason why I bought the game was the music. The gameplay was a close second. I don’t...
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