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Weekly Video Game Track: Laboratory

Man, Chex Quest was an amazing game. At the very least, it was an anomaly from what was thought possible with buying a cereal and getting something out of it. Naturally, Chex Quest was gotten in a box of Chex. It was a “non-violent” version of Doom. You...
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Weekly Video Game Track: Titan’s Realm

I could easily just put the whole Doom (2016) soundtrack on this list. However, I’m going to be highlighting them individually in order to give you them in each of their true glory. As stated before, the soundtrack done by Mick Gordon really fires you up, makes your...
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Weekly Video Game Track: Rip & Tear

I DON’T KNOW IF I CAN WRITE THIS POST WITHOUT SCREAMING IT IN TEXT FORM!! The whole Doom 2016 soundtrack is balls-to-the-wall heart-pumping badassness. I WANT someone to play this game with any of the tracks playing and not have to take a deep breath after a room...
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