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Weekly Video Game Track: Uncharted Worlds

I guess this is what happens when you add 10 Mass Effect songs into your spreadsheet of video game music before adding more of these posts. In the last 4 weeks, 3 have been Mass Effect tracks. This is also truly being select using a random number generator....
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Weekly Video Game Track: Suicide Mission

The culmination of all your hard work in Mass Effect 2 gets put to the test when you start the “suicide mission”. This music does a great job at pumping you up for what could easily be your and your team’s final mission ever. It makes you feel...
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Weekly Video Game Track: An End Once and For All

I don’t know how I missed all the Mass Effect music when creating the spreadsheet that houses all these featured tracks. This track comes from the┬ávery heavily criticized ending to Mass Effect 3. After “the events” (intentionally vague) take place, this music plays over the ending cutscene showing...
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