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Weekly Video Game Track: Grunty Battle

I love the music that Grant Kirkhope did for the final battle with Grunty in Banjo-Kazooie. It’s a much more intense track from what you have been used to hearing in Grunty’s Lair, the “overworld” of the game. I do love that Grant did a collaboration with FamilyJules...
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Weekly Video Game Track: Final Battle Against Ganon

The Legend of Zelda series always has great music. However, this final theme when facing Ganon in Ocarina of Time really puts weight on what you’re doing. There’s not much to the track in general. But, the choir in the background and the dark sounding music really emphasizes...
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Weekly Video Game Track: Sonic Mania Final Boss

Sonic Mania has some really good music. I’m a big fan of the music they chose for the “final” boss fight with Robotnik. The reason why it’s in quotes is because, as I show in my playthrough of it, there’s a “true final” boss fight when you get...
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