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Weekly Video Game Track: Katana ZERO

Another game with every song on the game being amazing. Katana ZERO‘s soundtrack is very inspired by the 80s synth sound. The main theme being no different. Since discovering this track, I’ve, several times, had the track on loop to help me concentrate.
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Weekly Video Game Track: Skate or Die Remix

I saw Game Grumps play Skate or Die 2, and they immediately pointed out the theme. I came across this remix of the original one from Skate or Die which didn’t change much to it, but I really enjoy what they did. The remix sounds like, if they...
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Weekly Video Game Track: His Song (Slow Build Up)

OH MUH FEELS!!! We’re far enough out from when Undertale was released that I’m not going to hold back on spoilers. Right at the end of the Asriel fight when he starts remembering the good memories with the main character, he starts not wanting to hurt you. To...
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