Weekly Video Game Track: Final Battle Against Ganon

The Legend of Zelda series always has great music. However, this final theme when facing Ganon in Ocarina of Time really puts weight on what you’re doing. There’s not much to the track in general. But, the choir in the background and the dark sounding music really emphasizes the feeling that you should have.

Weekly Video Game Track: Fever Time

There’s so many random things you can do in Yakuza 0. One of them is run your own cabaret club. I legitimately enjoyed this break from all the serious storylines going on. If you make enough money, you can enter what’s called “Fever Time” where this music plays. Every time I hit it, I couldn’t … Read more Weekly Video Game Track: Fever Time

Weekly Video Game Track: Time Scar

So many chills!  Not only is the song “Time Scar”, the intro for Chrono Cross, a beautiful song, but there’s just something about a live performance that gives me the worst goosebumps.  I remember seeing this performed live in 2010 when they came to town and loved seeing Jack Wall, the conductor at the time, go … Read more Weekly Video Game Track: Time Scar

Weekly Video Game Track: Gerudo Valley Dubstep Rap

I respect the skills that NoneLikeJoshua has in terms of raps. This version of the Gerudo Valley theme mixed by DJ Ephixa is really good. I loved the original Gerudo Valley theme from Ocarina of Time, but any time someone can throw their own little spin on it is always really refreshing.