BlurryPhoenix Reflects: Bombshell

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Weekly Video Game Track: Bombshell Theme

This week’s track was picked by none other than PapaKennMedia himself.  The number he picked: 13.  The game that ended up being: Bombshell.  No joke.  The game he picked was the game that I worked on.  Not to mention, that fell on a number that a lot of people will pick.  Oh well, can’t complain about … Read more Weekly Video Game Track: Bombshell Theme

BlurryPhoenix Streams: Bombshell (pt. 9) – FINALE

(Originally streamed on 2/6/2016)Now, we have to kill our father, Holloway, since ha has been changed into Holloway-borg. This is probably the most frustrating fight in the game. Then, after destroying some reactors, we now meet up with Heskel and finally get revenge. Also, a really frustrating fight. — Watch live at

BlurryPhoenix Streams: Bombshell (pt. 8)

(Originally streamed on 2/13/2016)Did some exploring of The Planet Eater and solved a number of puzzles. I also was able to find me in the game! Lieutenant Hanson reporting for duty with a side mission for you. Also, crashed the game again -_- — Watch live at