Weekly Video Game Track: Ice Cap Zone Acapella

Smooth McGroove has such a great voice.  Ice Cap Zone is probably my favorite out of Sonic the Hedgehog 3.  As I’ve said numerous times, I love ice levels, mainly for their music.  This is also probably my favorite track that Smooth McGroove has done.  Just listen to it and sing along. Recently, I found … Read more

Weekly Video Game Track: Sky Sanctuary (Classic)

Sonic Generations does a lot of good things for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.  The gameplay was exactly what a lot of fans were looking for in recent games, but not given.  The 2nd great thing they did was the music.  They somehow managed to blend classic themes and make them sound more current and … Read more

Weekly Video Game Track: Chemical Plant Zone (Modern Version)

Sonic Generations was so good at scratching that nostalgia itch that everyone had for so many years. Arguably, the first time 3D Sonic felt fun. It may not be Green Hill Zone, but Chemical Plant Zone is probably a track that’s just as iconic. The remix done for the modern version of Chemical Plant Zone … Read more