Blurryphoenix Talks: E3 2014 Opinions

I spent the day watching the live streams of E3. Last year, I made a video highlighting all of what I saw during the E3 Press Conferences. That video was over an hour long, so I decided to condense this year’s E3 into an article of my opinions of E3. Below are my opinions on … Read more

Blurryphoenix Talks: Epic Announces NEW Unreal Tournament

Ok, so this is going to be a bit off the cuff as I’m writing this as I’m listening to the livestream (below) featuring David Spalinski (Lead Level Designer), Steve Polge (Sr. Programmer / Project Lead), Stacey “Flak” Conley (Community Manager), and Joe “Dr. Sin” Wilcox (Sr. Programmer). Epic has announced that there is going … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Reviews: Grand Theft Auto V

With Grand Theft Auto V setting record after record in sales, I figured I had to check it out. Video not playing/not visible? Click Here Grand Theft Auto V (Playstation 3 (Reviewed), Xbox 360) Developer: Rockstar Games Publisher: Rockstar Games Released: September 17, 2013 MSRP: $59.99 Transcript of review: Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V has been making a … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Reviews: Divekick

Most people know me as a gamer who doesn’t necessarily enjoy fighting games. However, Divekick is an exception to that rule. See why that is… Video not playing/not visible? Click Here Divekick (Playstation 3 (Reviewed), Playstation Vita, PC) Developer: One True Game Studios Publisher: Iron Galaxy Studios Released: August 20, 2013 MSRP: $9.99 Transcript of review: As many of you … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Reviews: Telltale’s The Walking Dead

With the popularity of AMC’s The Walking Dead, I wanted to do a review on the episodic game from Telltale Games, The Walking Dead. Video not playing/not visible? Click Here The Walking Dead (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC (Reviewed), Mac, Ouya, Playstation Vita, iOS) Developer: Telltale Games Publisher: Telltale Games Released: April 24, 2012 MSRP: $19.99 Transcript of review: With the boom of … Read more

Blurryphoenix Talks: Steam Announcements

This week was a very interesting week with Steam. Steam kicked off the week on Monday by announcing SteamOS. SteamOS is a free Linux based open source operating system centered around Steam itself. SteamOS is meant to bring Steam to the living room. Many of you have probably seen Steam’s “Big Picture” mode which is … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Reviews: Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic ’06)

  In honor of “Review a Bad Game” Day, I have picked the worst game that I can think of in the recent years, Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic ’06. This is done as a written review since I’m going to be moving in a couple weeks (I’m writing this in mid July). So to … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Talks: The Future of Console Gaming (Part Two)

Read part 1 first… Let me first start off the next generation discussion with the cluster****s that were the console reveals and E3 press conferences. The Sony Playstation 4 reveal consisted of showing a lot of games, the controller, and some of the features that were going to be added to the console itself. However, they … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Talks: The Future of Console Gaming (Part One)

With E3 a month behind us, I wanted to share my opinions on where the next generation of consoles is headed. Everyone talks about “who won the console war?” In the heat of all the recent announcements, I’m right there with everyone else. However, after everything has finally calmed down, I take a step back … Read more