BlurryPhoenix Reflects: Sonic Mania

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BlurryPhoenix Streams: Sonic Mania (Pt. 5)

(Originally streamed on 9/9/2017)I think this video had the most number of times of me going “that’s interesting!” or “that’s cool!” and genuinely meaning it. The whole background/foreground mechanic, shrinking mechanic, and the boss of Act 2 in Metallic Madness Zone was a really awesome mechanic that hadn’t been introduced yet in the game. However, … Read more

Weekly Video Game Track: Friends (Sonic Mania Opening Animation)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! At the point of writing this, I am a couple weeks out from being able to play Sonic Mania. When this goes up, it’ll probably be right after my first stream of it. This is easily my most anticipated game of the year. Finally, a true sequel to my childhood 2D Sonic the Hedgehog … Read more