Weekly Video Game Track: Club Master Duel

All the Pokemon games always nail their Gym Leader themes.  I really loved playing Pokemon Trading Card Game on the GameBoy Color.  I collected a ton of the physical cards, but there were a number of times where friends weren’t able to come over to play.  So, it was really nice to have this game to still be able to play the game.  Pokemon has, since then, released a style of trading card game that’s free.  However, for me, it has a bunch of cards I don’t know, cards that are way overpowered, and special versions of the same pokemon.  It’s just too much for me to really sink my teeth into.  I just want the good ol’ days of the 1st gen pokemon cards again.

Side note, when looking for a screenshot to put as the image for this post, I found an amazing cover of this song!