Weekly Video Game Track: Hopes and Dreams

Great… another track that happens in a super spoiler heavy part of the game. Well, here’s what I can say without spoilers (spoilers will be below in the blurred out section). Since Undertale has multiple endings depending on how you play the game, this is one of those endings. If you want more details as to why it’s one of the weekly tracks, and have either played the game, or don’t care about spoilers, click on the blurred text to unblur it.

You know what, you all pretty much know why this is picked. When you get the “true pacifist” ending of Undertale, you end up feeling feelings towards the other characters in the game. Boss characters, regular enemies, NPCs, everyone. Then Flowey rips that all away from you. But, after Flowey absorbs all the monsters in the underground, we get the introduction to Asriel, the character we’ve been told about through most of the game. Not only that, but then this track starts playing, the background turns into a giant rainbow, and the text below the fight says “It’s the end”. All those combined gives chills and pumps you up for an intense fight. Boy, it does not disappoint.