Weekly Video Game Track: Undertale Genocide ONLY Boss Music

This post is going to be prominently a “spoiler.”  Hence why most of the post will be blurred out.  This will consist of some spoilers for the Genocide run of Undertale.

Click on the blurred parts at your own risk of spoilers!

I loved watching all the different ways Undertale could have been played, along with the rest of the internet.

With Undyne the Undying being one of the toughest bosses in the genocide run, of course there had to be some awesome music to accompany it since you were probably going to hear it numerous times.  Not only that, but since Undertale has a bunch of music that intertwines with other tracks, naturally one of the easiest bosses, Mettaton NEO, was really amazing right off the bat, but is really short.  Hence why I technically featured them both on here.  

For those of you who see 2 videos and didn’t want to click on the spoiler area, yes, that’s intentional.

Undyne the Undying

Mettaton NEO