BlurryPhoenix’s Top 10: 4th Wall Breaks in Video Games

I’m very aware that a lot of people hate 4th wall breaks (the character acknowledging either the player, being aware that he/she is in a game, or breaking the immersion) in games, however, I love them.  When 4th wall breaks are tastefully done, they can actually help immerse yourself in the game, where others can remove you from the game.  I’m going to warn you right off the bat, there will be many spoilers, strong language, and some sexual content in this list.  Please take that into account before continuing.

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Number 10. Killer is Dead (Final Boss conversation)

Number 9. Sunset Overdrive (hitting the camera back on spawn)

Number 8. Eternal Darkness (Blue Screen Of Death)

Number 7. PT (Game Resets)

Number 6. Earthbound (Paula prays to the player)

Number 5. Duke Nukem Forever (“it better, it took 12 fucking years”)

Number 4. Deadpool (monologues)

Number 3. No More Heroes (ending “it alone will raise the rating of the game”)

Number 2. Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (“who would ever play a game like that?”)

Number 1. Metal Gear Solid (swapping controller ports for Psycho Mantis/Looks through memory card)

Thank you for watching my top 10 4th wall breaks in video games.

I’m blurryphoenix, and game on!