BlurryPhoenix Reflects: L.A. Noire

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BlurryPhoenix Streams: L.A. Noire (Pt. 17)

(Originally streamed on 9/10/2016)It’s interesting to hop between Kelso’s and Phelps’s bodies during this case. I got to pick up a flamethrower, which was really cool, but really useless during the mission I was in. I died enough times that the game just asked me if I wanted to skip it. So, I eventually just … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Streams: L.A. Noire (Pt. 15)

(Originally streamed on 8/27/2016)We’re not playing as Phelps anymore. We’re now playing as Kelso, an investigator with the Fire and Life insurance company. I think Kelso is realizing that there’s something weird going on with the Elysian Fields company as well. Now, there was a point in this part that made me lose my mind, … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Streams: L.A. Noire (Pt. 11)

(Originally streamed on 8/27/2016)After the last stream, I got my very first donation! So, because that happened off stream, I triggered the alert again right away so she could get the recognition. Also, just wrapped up the final part of The Black Caesar case. Now, this case just happens to be around a boxing match … Read more

BlurryPhoenix Streams: L.A. Noire (Pt. 9)

(Originally streamed on 8/20/2016)Lots of nopes in this one. The riddles that were in the end of this, I just couldn’t do. So, that meant a walkthrough was brought up so I didn’t waste everyone’s time again. But…. somehow, in all that, I got a promotion to Ad Vice!!!! Unfortunately, my partner is the asshole … Read more